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SUP Yoga Classes

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga


Yoga Classes are 90 min long. Check in should be done in the 15-20 minutes leading up to class. Boards are provided.

Actual time spent on board doing yoga is approx 60 min for both the Gentle Wave Group Class and the Nautical Flow Group Class

Gentle Wave Series 

Move at a gentle pace as you balance the mind and body through mediation, breathing techniques, and asanas in this Hatha style class. Postures are often held longer to slowly release tension, free the joints, cleanse the body, and enable the mind to quiet. The class culminates to blissful relaxation on your board, leaving you feeling happy and free!

Nautical Flow Series

This is an intermediate SUP Yoga class that includes Vinyasa flow, arm balances and inversions. Develop better balance, strength coordination and endurance by linking Ujjayi breathe to asanas through a series of sun salutations in this energizing Vinyasa class. The connection with movement and breath will ease the mind and allow you to experience a sense of peace and tranquility. The class culminates blissful relaxation on the board, leaving you feeling happy and free!

SUP Yoga Class Forms

You'll need to fill out these forms before class. It's easiest if you download them and fill them out in advance. Sign them and email them to me or bring them with you to class.