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SUP Classes

Stand Up Paddle Board Group Classes


Stand Up Paddle Boards all lined up and ready for SUP Lessons.

Stand Up Paddles Board Classes are 2 hours long. Check in should be done in the 15-20 minutes leading up to class.

In general Students get 60-75 minutes of actual board time on the water, with about 15-20 minutes getting students fitted with right equipment, introductions, safety outline and concluding class.

Boards are provided.


SUP Class students posing for pics and having fun on the beach.

Beginner Group Class

This 2 hour lesson begins with a 20 minute orientation on land beginning with introductions, the sport and finally our equipment, then we move on to water safety.

After we spend some time learning basic stroke techniques and turns we take off for a mini paddle tour.

Intermediate Group Class

This 2 hour class begins on land, with a brief review of the beginner class, an introduction to more advanced stroke techniques and advanced water safety situations.

 Time permitting we can have a mini course race before heading back to shore!

** SUP basics must be mastered before taking the intermediate class. The stroke techniques and water safety situations will be impossible to maneuver without these skills**

  • Please speak to instructor if you have any questions*

Team Building

Customize your event. Learn new skills, work together with your team to complete mini Battle of the Paddle Races. Trust games. Contact me to set up a program for your team!

All equipment included. Max 10 per class. 

SUP Class Forms

You'll need to fill out these forms before class. It's easiest if you download them and fill them out in advance. Sign them and email them to me or bring them with you to class.