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Floating Yoga Instructor/Owner - Wendy Wheeler

Wendy Wheeler - SUP Yoga Instructor


How I discovered  SUP Yoga

I began my journey to Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga at a resort on the Big Island of Hawaii after one of our horses fell on me. It was a serious accident and I was in bed for three months trying to recover. Luckily I suffered no broken bones but there was a lot of soft tissue damage and in some ways that was worse. I managed several health problems over the next few years and as a result I was unable to return to my regular exercise routine so I began trying new ways of staying fit.

I am an energetic person by nature and as I tended to throw myself into anything new I constantly found myself overdoing it whenever I tried a new mode of exercise. Except for Yoga. Right from the beginning Yoga was different from the other forms of exercise I tried. Yoga was one mode of expression in which I could expel my extra energy and not feel as though I had overdone it. With Yoga I found I was able to feed my body, my mind and, as I discovered quite by accident, my soul.

My Yoga Journey

I began Bikram Yoga at a local studio. After only a few months I found myself wanting to know more about Yoga. I found the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga and enrolled in the spring of 2014. The first of two sessions began in July 2014 and by the end of August I had completed my YTT. By October, I was on my way to San Diego for my SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Instructor and my SUP Yoga Training. I had finally found my perfect exercise. Let me introduce you to Yoga and see if it brings the gifts of fitness, focus and serenity to your life that it has to mine.

The safety of my students is paramount and I have held an OFA Level 1 Level A CPR/AED certificate or higher for several years. I have also had some water rescue training in San Diego.

If you can breathe you can do Yoga. If you can stand on one foot you can paddle board.